Safeguards Rule Implementation

Our In-House Safeguards Rule Implementation Program Includes:

  • Eight hours of on-site time
  • A full risk assessment, complete with a management walk-through of the dealership
  • Group training of dealership employees along with distribution of job-specific responsibility forms
  • One-on-one training of key managers

Upon completion of the dealer visit and teleconferencing, your dealership will receive a fully customized Safeguards Policy, complete with personalized policy inserts and a written overview for the dealer principal or general manager.  This invaluable In-House Program will be conducted by Patti Jones.  Patti has worked closely with Auto Advisory Services’ attorneys in developing both the Information Safeguards portion of our Privacy, Information Safeguards and Red Flags Manual as well as the In-House Program itself.  As a veteran controller with over 40 years of dealership sales and business office experience, we can’t think of anyone more qualified to help you create and implement your Safeguards Policy.  Please contact our office for pricing.

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