California Hotline Service

Our most popular service is our Hotline.  This service gives dealers the ability to get quick and accurate compliance information with just a phone call.

The AAS Hotline is designed to assist dealers with administrative, regulatory and compliance issues which commonly arise during day-to-day operations.  The focus of the Hotline is DMV, sales and F&I regulatory compliance.

Our Hotline is currently used by hundreds of new car franchises and has been an invaluable service for over two decades.

Monthly Hotline service includes our monthly compliance newsletter.  In addition, combining this service with our compliance audit program can provide significant overall savings.  Please contact us for pricing.

Our Hotline is staffed with compliance experts and attorneys.  If legal advice is needed, the services of a competent professional should be sought.  Auto Advisory Services is not a law firm.

The Hotline is used by dealership personnel for assistance with such matters as:

  • Sales and finance disclosure requirements
  • Privacy, Safeguards and Red Flags issues
  • Vehicle registration and transfer questions
  • Repossession and unwind issues
  • Problem deals
  • DMV form utilization
  • Industry news and developments
  • Allowable contract and DMV charges
  • Advertising regulations
  • Adverse Action Issues
  • Requests for copies of specific laws and/or regulations
  • OFAC questions
  • General compliance questions
  • Requests for AAS Publications
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