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You may have heard that electronic registration (or “efiling” as we like to call it) requires even more work and forces you to maintain an inventory of license plates and tags at your dealership. Not anymore. The creators of DMVdesk™ have pioneered PlateFree™ Centralized Plate Distribution. All you have to do is enter the information into DMVdesk™ and we handle the rest. We print the registration, package it with the proper plates and tags, and mail everything out from our secure warehouse. We then assign a tracking number so that you can follow the progress of the shipment through DMVdesk™. Now, when a customer calls to ask where their plates are, DMVdesk™ will give you the answer. The Industry’s First Comprehensive Vehicle Registration Management System DMVdesk™ is not only the next generation of electronic vehicle registration, but also the only product on the market that provides complete desktop management and automation of all the functions of a dealership’s DMV desk. For the last three years, Auto Advisory Services and Motor Vehicle Software Corporation have been working to develop a way to completely automate the dealership’s DMV desk. As anyone who has ever worked the desk knows, the vehicle registration process in California is very complicated. Yet, together we have created the industry’s first comprehensive vehicle registration management system that not only automates vehicle registration at the dealership level, but also improves the process by building compliance directly into our program. Automation of the DMV desk translates into better efficiency and built-in compliance means fewer penalties and lower exposure.


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