Automotive Dealership Privacy, Information Safeguards & Identity Theft Red Flags Manual

Our top-selling manual includes new identify theft prevention techniques as well as new federal and state information related to identity theft and information safeguards. The current edition contains an easily customizable Red Flags Program to assist you in complying with FTC’s Red Flags Rule. If that is not enough, we have also included the 2010 privacy notices along with complete instructions for their use.

Auto Advisory Services is here to help. This comprehensive “turn-key” written manual can be easily customized to meet your dealership’s individual requirement.


This is not just a “how-to-guide.” This manual, when used properly, will constitute your dealership’s own policies and procedures, under both the Safeguards and Red Flags Rules.


This popular manual provides all the tools you need to create policies and get into compliance. Sections include: Risk Assessment, Introduction to the Safeguards Rule, Employee Training, Hardcopy Safeguards, Computer Safeguards, Responding to Breaches, Dealing with Victims and Credit Reports. Plus, our updated manual contains a customizable Red Flags Program to make your life easier.

Forms and Sample Letters

Forget about trying to draft you own agreements, letters or forms. Each manual contains sample forms and letters including: Service Provider Security Agreements, Employee Security Agreement, ID Theft Prevention Worksheet, Notice of Rights to Victim, Thumbprint form and more.

Written by a company You Can Trust

Hundreds of hours went into the development of this turn-key manual. As with all of our publications, Auto Advisory Services’ staff of attorneys, former government investigators, and industry experts work together to ensure two things, compliance and simplicity.

The Federal Safeguards Manual is $325, plus $15 shipping and handling.

Automotive Dealership Privacy, Information Safeguards & Identity Theft Red Flags Manual



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